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We're Sofiya and Paul - wedding videographers based out of South Carolina but willing and eager to travel to the ends of the earth to create your film. We initially started out as friends (which we highly recommend because we're literal besties) but as you can clearly tell, that friendship blossomed into a romance. We love Jesus and were constantly trying to find new ways to advocate our faith, especially through our films. Marriage was Gods design and to capture it is an absolute honor.

When we're not filming wedding, you can find us making day trips to Charleston, cozying up at home to watch Breaking Bad, spending way too much money on coffee, fixing Pauls old but cool cars and trucks, and hanging out with family, which is usually us fighting over who gets to hold my bestie niece, Ellie. We got married on February 18th, 2022 and lets just say, marriage is incredible. That's not to say it's without its challenges, but it is incredible to see how putting in the hard work can make a marriage so beautiful and you re able to build and feel a love so unconditional. As a wedding videographer, it was very important for me to have a film that would capture us and our story and I'm so happy to say that we got just that.

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our films will outlive us, and if we're lucky, they'll be passed on through generations. my films are created with each couple in mind which makes every detail when editing intentional


the words of astonishment as you see your wife/husband the first time, perfectly intertwined into your film to evoke emotion.


your grandma wiping a tear, the first time you see your beloved, your friends ripping it up on the dance floor. these split second moments cannot be staged, only captured